Nina Jensen Legacy Videos

Do you have your parents wedding on film? What would that be like to see it and pass it on to your children and grandchildren?

Have you heard details of your parents lives when they were young? In detail? What would they have wanted to pass on to your children and grandchildren? Faith, morals, wisdom? Can anything take the place of the spoken word?

My name is Nina Jensen. I have been behind still and video cameras for 35 years. Recently, I lost my parents very suddenly, with no legacy video . . . except the final hours of my father’s life as he opened up about his life – joys and regrets. We caught it on an iPhone and it is priceless.

How much I regret not using my talents to create a legacy for my family.

Through the loss and regret, I am compelled to produce for others what I don’t . . . and never will have. A quality, personal and sensitive legacy video for others.

Capturing the lives of anyone, at any age is priceless . . .

Nina Jensen Legacy Videos